Over $300,000 directed to
community organizations


$100,000+ Granted
Individual Burdens Eased by your Generosity
Here are just three of the touching stories, out of nine F.I.S.H. recently provided, of individual, who received a boost though life’s hardships, thanks to you.

A newly divorced, mother of two working full-time on Sanibel needed to find a new permanent place to live but lacked enough money in savings for both a rental deposit and for her children’s basic on-going needs for food and clothing. You helped this mother and these children during this incredibly challenging time. Her children are in the process of getting enrolled in The Sanibel School and with your help, F.I.S.H. is continuing to help them with needs until they are securely on their feet.

A full-time caregiver on the island was forced to quarantine after COVID exposure but did not receive leave of absence pay, saving her and her own mother whom she provided for, humbly in need themselves. Your donation enabled F.I.S.H. to lend them a hand with rent.

A woman living and working full-time on Sanibel was forced to miss work while undergoing breast cancer treatment. While insurance covered most of her medical expenses, she was overwhelmed both physically and with financial pressure. You came to her aid. Your generosity enabled F.I.S.H. to have funds to help her pay rent.


$95,000 Granted
Impact of Your Timely Gifts
When our Foundation was equipped to make a swift, significant donation to met the unanticipated needs that arose for CHR during the COVD crisis, here are a few of the thanks we received.

“Over a third of our residents have been affected by these uncertain times…they have lost their jobs. These are the economically challenged households who provide the services we love on the islands. With your help we have provide them with relief for their housing costs…and provided them with gift cards for essentials.” Melissa Rice, CHR Executive Director

​ “Wow! This is incredibly generous and amazing! I am so grateful!! Beyond grateful! Thank you so much!!” CHR resident who benefitted from your help.

​ I’m still in awe of those generous people who gifted me- I’d really like to thank them.” CHR resident.


$20,000 Granted
Urgent Educational Needs are Addressed with Swift Action
Covid has caused the educational gaps in our country and in our community to widen. But collectively we are doing what we can to ensure no child is left behind!

Your donations have been used to provide tutors to help children who were suddenly failing, fund “The Leader in Me Program” and restock the shelves in The Sanctuary Media Center, the school library which has been named in our Club’s honor.

Thank you for making a difference!


$83,000 Granted
Granted Children Access to Early Education

Due to Covid-19 a lot of the families that CECI serves have been financially impacted and CECI was not able to hold their traditional fundraising. Your generosity has granted a sufficient amount of scholarship funds that CECI.

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