Member donations to our Foundation have enabled us to equip deserving individuals with the ability to pursue their educational dreams: all with a lighter financial burden.

Over $90,000 Awarded to Students


Assistant Food and Beverage Manager Florida Gulf Coast University Pre-Nursing Program

I was thrilled to be The Sanctuary Golf Club Foundation's scholarship recipient. This scholarship means I can invest my time and energy into my schoolwork without the financial stress. The scholarship program at The Sanctuary Golf Club is the reason I decided to go back to school. It has given me the opportunity to accomplish a lifetime goal. The Sanctuary Golf Club means the world to me and every member is like family. It feels amazing to be supported and to have so many members believe in me and my goals.


Daughter of Christie Bradley West Virginia University Fashion Design and Merchandising

Earning The Sanctuary Foundation scholarship means I can get more out of my college experience by joining the Fashion Business Association and trying for internships, rather than working at a hourly rate in an unrelated field. This money not only helps me and my family, but hopefully with my sustainable fashion education many more people worldwide.


Communications Coordinator Liberty University M.A. Strategic Communications

I am so very thankful and blessed to have received a scholarship from The Sanctuary Golf Club Foundation. For years I have dreamed of pursuing a master’s degree, so when I found a program that was a perfect fit for me, I immediately wanted to enroll. Thanks to the Foundation I am able to attend without financial worry of adding to my existing student loans from my undergraduate. I want to use the education I will receive to grow in my position at The Sanctuary and throughout my career.


Greens and Grounds Employee Florida Gateway College Advanced Horticulture Certification

Starting out with the Advanced Horticulture Certification Program, I look forward to continuing my education at Florida Gateway College by completing and Associate's Degree in Agribusiness Management, with hopes of obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Agronomy. My long-term goal is to become a Certified Golf Course Superintendent, working at the most prestigious, elite golf facilities in America and even intercontinental.


Irrigation Manager Florida Gateway College Horticulture and Landscape

As I complete my education at Florida Gateway College, I am sincerely honored to have been selected as one of the recipients of The Sanctuary Golf Club Foundation Scholarships. Thank you for your generosity, which has allowed me to pursue and further my education within the Golf Industry. Thank you again for your thoughtful and generous gift.


Son of Michelle Cote Florida Gulf Coast University Software Engineering

I am a software engineering major studying at Florida Gulf Coast University. Up until now, I've had to spend more time working to afford my studies than actual studying. With the help of the Sanctuary Golf Club Foundation's scholarship, I'll have enough time to not just obtain a Bachelor's degree, but to excel in all of my classes and related extracurricular activities for the degree. I am so grateful and excited to have this opportunity!

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